About NuBlood

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Since Halloween of 2019 we've sought to revitalise Adelaide's dark, alternative scene by bringing together some of the most popular alternative genres of all time. We've brought together DJs and organisers from DecaDanse, CyberMorph, and La Chambre, With guest DJs from the Procenium, Necromancy and Melbourne's Fang club. Over the years Adelaide's alternative scene has supported us and so it's time to give back and share our passion for music with you. Come to our events and hear:

  • 80s/90s
  • Goth
  • Industrial
  • Post-Punk
  • Electro
  • Synthwave
  • New Wave
  • Emo
  • & Many more

Our Story

How NuBlood came to be

1 Nov 2019

Halloween Party

Our first event started off with a bang - Over 180 people came to dance and enjoy our headline acts of DJ Tr!p and Studio-X. At this time it was unclear what interest existed in Adelaide for this type of event but you told us you wanted more and we listened...

20 Dec 2019

NuBlood Xmas

NuBlood was back, just over a month later and with a Christmas theme. We held a prize for the most interesting costume and the winner bagged themselves $200 worth of drink vouchers (to be used responsibly of course)

24 Jan 2020


To celebrate the first new moon of 2020 we threw a huge party and, as usual had eight DJs playing a huge variety of alternative music

21 Feb 2020


To pay homage to the end of the summer months and to remember all the great Gothic events of Adelaide over the years, NuBlood held a party with an emphasis on gothic music styles including Goth Rock, Classic Goth and Post-Punk


We have had a number of excellent posters created, many from works by local artists.
If you have art work you'd like to contribute, please contact us.
Thank you for your support